Krystal and Dave- September 23, 2017

Krystal and Dave have been amazingly patient while I’m amongst the midst of my never ending morning sickness, and the busiest fall/christmas season I’ve had to date. I’m so thankful for the amazing clients and people I get to meet each and every year.

I’m not sure if Krystal and Daves wedding was the hottest day of the summer, but it was close. The decor and linens done by Jenny and the team at Saugeen Golf course, was beautiful and I couldn’t capture enough images of everything that was going on. The day was beyond perfect. The girls looked stunning, and the men adapted their outfits to accommodate the weather we were so fortunate (looking back) to have.

The ceremony was nothing short of sweet with a bit of hilarity, as Dave nervously stumbled his vows staring at his beautiful wife to be. Who wouldn’t be nervous!? If you know this couple, the ceremony was perfectly fitting to them, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Dinner was amazing, and the speeches and twist on “dinner kisses” was unique and very enjoyable- not to mention the strip tease dancing skills of the groom to cap off a hilarious evening.

Thanks again, Mr and Mrs Desjardins, for having me on one of the greatest days of your lives. Here’s to many, many more. krystalanddave-2krystalanddave-3krystalanddave-8krystalanddave-12krystalanddave-16krystalanddave-17krystalanddave-21krystalanddave-25krystalanddave-27krystalanddave-29krystalanddave-31krystalanddave-34krystalanddave-37krystalanddave-38krystalanddave-39krystalanddave-40krystalanddave-41krystalanddave-43krystalanddave-49krystalanddave-51krystalanddave-53krystalanddave-55krystalanddave-57krystalanddave-59krystalanddave-60krystalanddave-63krystalanddave-66krystalanddave-69krystalanddave-70krystalanddave-74krystalanddave-75krystalanddave-79krystalanddave-80krystalanddave-82krystalanddave-84krystalanddave-86krystalanddave-87krystalanddave-93krystalanddave-98krystalanddave-100krystalanddave-101krystalanddave-102krystalanddave-107krystalanddave-110krystalanddave-114krystalanddave-117krystalanddave-119krystalanddave-121krystalanddave-124krystalanddave-125krystalanddave-128krystalanddave-129krystalanddave-133krystalanddave-135krystalanddave-138krystalanddave-140krystalanddave-141krystalanddave-144krystalanddave-145krystalanddave-149krystalanddave-150krystalanddave-152krystalanddave-153krystalanddave-155krystalanddave-159krystalanddave-160krystalanddave-163krystalanddave-166krystalanddave-169krystalanddave-173krystalanddave-174krystalanddave-176krystalanddave-179krystalanddave-182krystalanddave-183krystalanddave-184krystalanddave-185krystalanddave-193krystalanddave-195krystalanddave-198krystalanddave-202krystalanddave-203krystalanddave-205krystalanddave-206krystalanddave-209krystalanddave-213krystalanddave-216krystalanddave-220krystalanddave-224krystalanddave-225krystalanddave-233krystalanddave-234krystalanddave-236krystalanddave-238krystalanddave-242krystalanddave-244krystalanddave-246krystalanddave-248krystalanddave-249krystalanddave-250krystalanddave-254krystalanddave-255krystalanddave-256krystalanddave-257krystalanddave-263krystalanddave-264krystalanddave-266krystalanddave-268krystalanddave-269krystalanddave-282krystalanddave-284krystalanddave-286krystalanddave-287krystalanddave-300krystalanddave-302krystalanddave-304krystalanddave-306krystalanddave-308krystalanddave-309krystalanddave-310krystalanddave-312krystalanddave-313krystalanddave-314krystalanddave-315krystalanddave-317krystalanddave-318krystalanddave-319krystalanddave-322krystalanddave-324krystalanddave-327krystalanddave-329krystalanddave-332krystalanddave-334krystalanddave-338krystalanddave-343krystalanddave-345krystalanddave-349krystalanddave-350krystalanddave-353krystalanddave-354krystalanddave-356krystalanddave-357krystalanddave-358krystalanddave-359krystalanddave-361krystalanddave-364krystalanddave-365krystalanddave-366krystalanddave-368krystalanddave-370krystalanddave-372krystalanddave-376krystalanddave-383krystalanddave-384krystalanddave-389krystalanddave-391krystalanddave-397krystalanddave-399krystalanddave-403krystalanddave-405krystalanddave-406krystalanddave-407krystalanddave-408krystalanddave-409krystalanddave-410krystalanddave-414krystalanddave-416krystalanddave

Nicole and Jeff, September 16, 2017

Nicole and Jeffs day was a total success. The sun was shining, the location was beautiful, and everyone entered the gardens with a smile on their face. It was such a nice surprise to see so many familiar faces.

Moreland Place is an amazing place to get married- I highly recommend it to any brides that are still looking for a venue. Not only are the gardens incredible, but the lighting is pretty wonderful as well. (From a photographers point of view anyways) It was another hot September day, but everyone was all gathered to see two wonderful people, tie the knot.

Highlights included: tears from Jude, the best man dancing with the grooms mother, and the after party!

Thanks again Nicole and Jeff for having me to capture your big day- enjoy marriage, although I’m sure you guys already have it down to a science.


Amanda and John, September 2 2017

Amanda and Johns wedding day was perfect. The summer was still going strong, all of their loved ones were in attendance, and they couldn’t of asked for a better day.

The day started off for me with a trip to John’s Mothers house, where the men gathered, drank, and were happily joking amongst themselves of what events of the day were to come. After grabbing some “getting ready” shots of the boys- I was off to see the girls at John and Amandas home in Southampton, were the girls were almost finished, and ready to take on the day. Amanda seemed excited, as did the dogs- for her to finally marry the man of her dreams. She gave her father a momentum gift, and he covered his tears of joy behind his sunglasses. So sweet!

The ceremony was flawless, the vows were short and sweet, and they sealed their forever with a kiss under the willow tree at Saugeen Golf Course in Port Elgin.

Every detail in the reception was carefully planned out and crafted by Amanda and her family and friends, and the catering done by the golf course, as well as the dessert bar by Emily Martindale was glorious!

Thank you so much, for having me capture your magical day Amanda and John. May you be blessed with many more years with the love and adoration that I witnessed on your day.

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Corby and Ben Sovie, 2016

When I first met Corby and Ben a year ago (or should I say re-met) to do their engagement photos, they were pretty carefree and willing to do whatever crazy ideas…except Ben wouldn’t drive fast down a dirt road in his fancy car….so that was kind of annoying…. ahha.

I spent the morning at the venue grabbing shots of the DIY decor Corby created, and as usual was so amazed at the thought and work that goes into a wedding day.

I arrived at Matt’s house where the guys were supposed to be getting ready, but instead, they were mowing down pizza and making fun of bens nose, and all those other things that go on at weddings. But there was still this vibe in the house- that everyone was ready to celebrate, and it was about damn time!

I glanced over to Ben “nervous?” He didn’t even stop for a split second to say “Nope, not at all.” This man knows. He knows who the love of his life is. He knows that every day he will be there for her, love her, protect her and guide her. This is what makes Ben a really great man.

I scattered around grabbing shots of all the guys getting ready, and watching youtube videos on bow ties as they were trying put them on (of course, right?) and grabbed a few shots of them celebrating on the front deck before I scooted over to Ben and Corbys house, where Corby would be already celebrating with her sisters and friends.

I arrived to the fresh scent of flowers, and giggling girls- you could see the excitement in Corbys eyes as she sat in front of the mirror to get her final hair piece set in place. Her bridesmaids were scattering around getting ready for the amazing day they were going to be a part of, and I was trying my best to stay a fly on the wall.

I walked around the house and found little things to snap pictures of, and followed corby outside for some fresh air to express how stunning she looked. She was ready to be Mrs. Sovie, and I was so happy for her!

Back in the house, the girls transformed and were out the door in a flash with me just moments ahead of them to check out the ceremony now that the guests had arrived.

The girls lined up at the side of the barn, Corby accompanied by her father…the bridal party started coming in towards the front of the ceremony. The music played beautifully as Corby made her way up the aisle with all eyes on her, of course. Stunning is not even the best word to describe how beautiful Corby looked. Her soul poured out of her eyes that day, and she was in her element, with her best friend at her side.

The ceremony was short, and sweet, and full of laughs and tears, and was everything these two wanted on their perfect day.

Pictures took place shortly before dinner in an overgrown apple orchard, and the rain broke long enough to grab hundreds of beautiful shots. I was so happy!  Life, and love is GOOD.

Thank you so much for having me B & C.
I wouldn’t of wanted to be anywhere else, on such a beautiful day. corbyandben-2corbyandben-3corbyandben-4corbyandben-5corbyandben-6corbyandben-7corbyandben-8corbyandben-9corbyandben-10corbyandben-11corbyandben-12corbyandben-13corbyandben-14corbyandben-15corbyandben-16corbyandben-17corbyandben-18corbyandben-19corbyandben-20corbyandben-21corbyandben-22corbyandben-23corbyandben-24corbyandben-26corbyandben-27corbyandben-28corbyandben-29corbyandben-30corbyandben-31corbyandben-32corbyandben-33corbyandben-34corbyandben-35corbyandben-36corbyandben-37corbyandben-38corbyandben-39corbyandben-40corbyandben-41corbyandben-42corbyandben-43corbyandben-44corbyandben-45corbyandben-46corbyandben-47corbyandben-48corbyandben-49corbyandben-50corbyandben-51corbyandben-52corbyandben-53corbyandben-54corbyandben-55corbyandben-56corbyandben-57corbyandben-58corbyandben-59corbyandben-60corbyandben-61corbyandben-62corbyandben-63corbyandben-64corbyandben-66corbyandben-67corbyandben-68corbyandben-69corbyandben-70corbyandben-71corbyandben-72corbyandben-73corbyandben-74corbyandben-75corbyandben-76corbyandben-77corbyandben-78corbyandben-79corbyandben-80corbyandben-82corbyandben-83corbyandben-84corbyandben-85corbyandben-86corbyandben-87corbyandben-88corbyandben-89corbyandben-90corbyandben-91corbyandben-92corbyandben-93corbyandben-94corbyandben-95corbyandben-96corbyandben-97corbyandben-98corbyandben-99corbyandben-100corbyandben-101corbyandben-102corbyandben-103corbyandben-104corbyandben-105corbyandben-106corbyandben-107corbyandben-108corbyandben-110corbyandben-111corbyandben-112corbyandben-113corbyandben-114corbyandben-115corbyandben-116corbyandben-117corbyandben-118



A letter to my teenage self:


You will never know the way to overcome criticism. Although you try, you cannot imagine the weight that follows you through your mid twenties and into your thirties. Just like any other human being- you feel.

Loss of those closest to you in young times will bring your soul to light.

You strive for perfection, and fall short (in your mind only of course) of becoming everything and anything…life proves to be more powerful than opposing forces allow it to be. Unmitigated relationships towards a higher vibration has been your downfall. Escaping the movement, the dream, and the animosity that lingers throughout your every day experiences from those who have pained you is arduous- but not impossible.

Shining beams of light (in forms of small hands and toes) will guide you. Feel nothing. Feel everything. Smiles upon whites of shimmery times and glimmering beams of blue hope will carry you through the every day. He carries you through everything that has ever scorned you-and allowed you to foresee the future is bright.

Success is not that of financial greatness to you, but a love so pure and deep that your soul dances. Your heart is no longer yours, and now is walking around in the form of a 3 year old boy.

Never underestimate yourself. There is so much this world has to offer you, if you only let it shine.


30 year old you.



Attending Haydens birth left me with a birth-high like no other. If you are a fan of the birth world, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about- and there is nothing else like it. This mama was amazing! She was meant to have beautiful babies, and she did it like it was a breeze. Thank you so much to the Harrison family for having me there to capture their amazing big day.

jess-2 jess-3 jess-4 jess-5 jess-6 jess-7 jess-8                   jessjess-9jess-10jess-14jess-15jess-16jess-17jess-18jess-19jess-20jess-21jess-22jess-23jess-24jess-25jess-26jess-27jess-28jess-29jess-30jess-31 jess-32 jess-33


Attending a birth was something I always wanted to do- but just had never stepped outside my realm of children, weddings and portraits. It was such an amazing experience, and not only was I there to welcome this miracle into the world, but I feel beyond blessed, that Kristin and Kevin chose me to be present at one of the most important days of their lives. Thank you so much, to everyone for the this incredible opportunity. Big ups to an amazing mentor, friend and confident- Sarah Moloney for everything I’ve learnt and experienced being under her wing.

So. Much. Love.

Winter isn’t as slow as I thought!

After finally getting my webpage up and running (its taken about a year because I’ve been so busy!) I’m feeling good about everything that’s happening over here.

I’m busy like I was at Christmas time, and thats pretty unheard of for such a slow time of year. Besides photography- I also have a bunch of extra good things going on in my life- which are all pretty great. 2015 feels like its off to an amazing start, with amazing positive people in my life- I’m excited to see how far I can go!

Thanks everyone, for taking the time to check my site out. Give me feedback- cause I LOVE hearing from you guys. ❤