Troy and Rebekah- August 18, 2018

Troy and Rebekahs wedding was a beautiful country side vintage type wedding that every girl with great taste, dreams of. I was so happy to visit with so many familiar faces and do pictures on a farm that I once captured in my early career when Rebekahs sister got married years before.

From the caesar bar, to the succulent take-homes, to Rebekahs perfectly fitting crown, this wedding was everything. Thanks again guys for hiring me to capture your special day- your photos are finally finished! Thanks for all your patience as I play constant catch up in the busiest season yet.

Hope you all enjoy! troy and rebekah-6troy and rebekah-7troy and rebekah-8troy and rebekah-10troy and rebekah-15troy and rebekah-18troy and rebekah-20troy and rebekah-24troy and rebekah-31troy and rebekah-35troy and rebekah-39troy and rebekah-41troy and rebekah-45troy and rebekah-50troy and rebekah-53troy and rebekah-56troy and rebekah-59troy and rebekah-61troy and rebekah-63troy and rebekah-68troy and rebekah-70troy and rebekah-72troy and rebekah-74troy and rebekah-76troy and rebekah-79troy and rebekah-86troy and rebekah-88troy and rebekah-90troy and rebekah-92troy and rebekah-94troy and rebekah-97troy and rebekah-101troy and rebekah-104troy and rebekah-106troy and rebekah-108troy and rebekah-112troy and rebekah-114troy and rebekah-117troy and rebekah-119troy and rebekah-122troy and rebekah-124troy and rebekah-126troy and rebekah-128troy and rebekah-130troy and rebekah-131troy and rebekah-135troy and rebekah-138troy and rebekah-139troy and rebekah-143troy and rebekah-147troy and rebekah-149troy and rebekah-153troy and rebekah-156troy and rebekah-158troy and rebekah-160troy and rebekah-162troy and rebekah-165troy and rebekah-168troy and rebekah-169troy and rebekah-171troy and rebekah-174troy and rebekah-177troy and rebekah-180troy and rebekah-182troy and rebekah-186troy and rebekah-193troy and rebekah-195troy and rebekah-199troy and rebekah-200troy and rebekah-204troy and rebekah-207troy and rebekah-210troy and rebekah-212troy and rebekah-214troy and rebekah-218troy and rebekah-220troy and rebekah-222troy and rebekah-225troy and rebekah-228troy and rebekah-230troy and rebekah-232troy and rebekah-234troy and rebekah-236troy and rebekah-239troy and rebekah-243troy and rebekah-247troy and rebekah-253troy and rebekah-257troy and rebekah-261troy and rebekah-264troy and rebekah-266troy and rebekah-269troy and rebekah-272troy and rebekah-274troy and rebekah-277troy and rebekah-279troy and rebekah-285troy and rebekah-288troy and rebekah-290troy and rebekah-294troy and rebekah-296troy and rebekah-298troy and rebekah-300troy and rebekah-302troy and rebekah-305troy and rebekah-306troy and rebekah-308troy and rebekah-310troy and rebekah-312troy and rebekah-325troy and rebekah-326troy and rebekah-331troy and rebekah-333troy and rebekah-335troy and rebekah-338troy and rebekah-341troy and rebekah-344troy and rebekah-347troy and rebekah-351troy and rebekah-354troy and rebekah-357troy and rebekah-361troy and rebekah-365troy and rebekah-368troy and rebekah-377troy and rebekah-380troy and rebekah-381troy and rebekah-387troy and rebekah-390troy and rebekah-393troy and rebekah-398troy and rebekah-400troy and rebekah-403troy and rebekah-411troy and rebekah-415troy and rebekah-417troy and rebekah-418troy and rebekah-421troy and rebekah-426troy and rebekah-431troy and rebekah-433troy and rebekah-436troy and rebekah-438troy and rebekah-440troy and rebekah-442troy and rebekah-444troy and rebekah-447troy and rebekah-450troy and rebekah-452troy and rebekah-454

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