Sarah and Ryan, August 17th, 2019

Ryan and Sarah are so much fun, my face hurt when I got home that night from all the laughing that went on that day. It was a perfect beautiful, summers day- not too hot, not too cold, and I got to explore homes in my favourite town (Southampton) where Sarah and Ryans family own many houses in the area.

Between the guys joking around, and the girls always being RIGHT there to help out with anything- you can tell this couple has great friends and family that love them very much. This was definitely a wedding that was being waited for, for a long time. I love my Southampton weddings with a passion, and this one was perfection.

Saugeen went all out for their wedding and the decor was gorgeous and the food was on point, as usual. Major props to the golf course for a flawless transition into new management.

Thank you to Ryan and Sarah for having me to capture your big day- you guys were so much fun, and not to mention, stunning. ❤


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