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What to Wear for Our Session?

I always want people to look their best for their family/couple sessions- so to answer the question “What do we wear to our session?!” I have a few tips that you can access at any time to kind of have a go-to!

Disclaimer: Don’t worry if you have a different idea in mind! Rules are meant to be broken- so if you want to change it up- FEEL FREE!

Things to Keep in Mind

Your body type. You know the articles that tell you what you should wear for what body type, what shape and size you are, etc. Try to stick to those rules! Do a search on google to find out what looks best on YOU.

Coordinate colours. A great example is accents such as a yellow headband on the daughter, with a yellow bow tie on the son, and a yellow scarf on Mom. Accents look great together without looking too “matchy”. One thing to remember is they don’t have to be the exact same colour. The same colour family looks great together too! (example: light blue and dark blue)

Coordinate styles. Make sure you are putting off the same ‘feel’ in all of your outfits…if one of your outfits is dressy, make sure you guys are all dressy! And if your outfit change is a casual setting- make sure you all dress down to work well together!

Wear solids or simple patterns. Absolutely stay away from brand names and logos across your chests. Stick to simple patters as to not draw the attention away from you (after all- the shoot is about you guys!)

Consider your location(s). If we’re headed to the forest or beach, try and stick to soft neutral colours…if we’re hitting up a more urban area- feel free to dress in something a little more funky that will allow you to stick out from the busy background.

A cute summer dress always rocks at a shoot!

Wear something that fits your body right!

Wearing a dress and a jacket, with a nice necklace and some funky boots with bangles and a bold ring can make a huge statement. Same as with the guys- don’t forget guys can have super cool accessories too like a cool add-on jacket, bow-tie, funky shoes, etc.

Talk to me about where we will be shooting.
It is always best to bring a few different outfits so that you can change for your specific location. Generally most couples bring 2-3 outfit changes if there is enough time. Family sessions don’t generally bother with outfit changes- but hey- if you want to, I’m game.

Be comfortable and have fun! Being yourself, smiling and just letting loose makes for the best photos.

Things Not to Wear:

– White shirts and khakis. Seriously.
– No big logos
– Tube tops, short skirts, try to keep it classy.
– Remember to co-ordinate, and not match.

Makeup and Hair:

If you can- book a hair and makeup session. You have hired me as a professional, to do your photos- you should go all out (if you can) to have a professional prepare you for photos! I know not every session requires this- but if its a really special occasion, and you want to look your best- go for it! But if you plan to do it yourself at home, keep in mind:

1. Go a little heavier on the makeup than you normally would. Makeup doesn’t tend to show up in photos the way you see it in person, so feel free to add a little extra on there.

2. Stick to matte colours! Shimmery and shine looks tend to reflect too much light in photos and don’t give you the look you’re going for.

3. Always bring a powder compaq to set your makeup, and then its there for re touches if you need it!

4. Fake eyelashes are fun and playful!

To check out more, try

When to schedule a session?

A few questions to ask yourself when trying to decide what time of year to schedule your session is:

1. Do I want to use the photos for a specific occasion? If the answer is yes you will want to schedule your session early enough that you can shoot, get your photos back, design/make prints, and leave time to get the actual cards printed.

2. What will the weather be like? No one likes pictures when its too hot, or too cold. Try and think of what feel you want to your photos- spring and fall are the best times for sure, but generally I am busy all summer long!

3. What do you want it to look like outside? If you like all the colours of fall, or the greens and soft colours of spring- book when you want!

I schedule my sessions 1 1/2 hour before sunset in the summer, and late afternoon in the winter. This is because of a few different reasons:

1. Locations aren’t generally as busy later on in the day

2. The best time of day for lighting- also known as the “golden hour” is just before sunset. This is when the sun is lower in the sky, we can play with the sun, effects, and this is when you will look your best- trust me!

Remember to always be yourself. Try and relax, and let loose- remember, we are here to have fun. And if you have any questions- just ask. I’m always around. 🙂

Thanks so much for picking me to capture this chapter in your life- I look forward to it!

Carina Fleming

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