A letter to my teenage self:


You will never know the way to overcome criticism. Although you try, you cannot imagine the weight that follows you through your mid twenties and into your thirties. Just like any other human being- you feel.

Loss of those closest to you in young times will bring your soul to light.

You strive for perfection, and fall short (in your mind only of course) of becoming everything and anything…life proves to be more powerful than opposing forces allow it to be. Unmitigated relationships towards a higher vibration has been your downfall. Escaping the movement, the dream, and the animosity that lingers throughout your every day experiences from those who have pained you is arduous- but not impossible.

Shining beams of light (in forms of small hands and toes) will guide you. Feel nothing. Feel everything. Smiles upon whites of shimmery times and glimmering beams of blue hope will carry you through the every day. He carries you through everything that has ever scorned you-and allowed you to foresee the future is bright.

Success is not that of financial greatness to you, but a love so pure and deep that your soul dances. Your heart is no longer yours, and now is walking around in the form of a 3 year old boy.

Never underestimate yourself. There is so much this world has to offer you, if you only let it shine.


30 year old you.


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