Cake Smash Sessions


Cake smashes are one of the latest trends for celebrating your childs 1st birthday. Cake smash sessions are $250/hr, include the cake, and come with a disc of 20-30 images.

Letting them eat cake-all while being photographed as they smash, smear, and feast on it. I have already done quite a few of these sessions since I began offering them late last year- and they are all original, all messy, and tons of fun.

My tips for a cake smash:

1. Don’t assume they will dive right in
All parents hope that their little one will dive in and make a mess of the cake. That’s what you are paying for! But that doesn’t always happen and that’s okay. Not every child wants to dive right in and make a mess no matter what tricks we try. It’s important to know that even if they don’t turn their cake into a gooey pile of crumbs, I am still able to catch fun images of them poking at it or daintily picking of bits of icing or decorations. Sometimes we may need to strategically place a little icing to help things along. It’s also a good idea to bring along a favourite toy and some snacks in case your little one needs some encouraging.

2. Come prepared for one heck of a mess
One thing parents don’t often realize is that they too will likely become covered in cake and icing during the session (picture your little miss or mister running/crawling straight towards you with icing coated hands), so a change of clothes for everyone, not just the birthday boy or girl, is a good idea.

3. Customize your shoot
I encourage my clients to make the cake smash session their own. I have a TON of props, backgrounds, and accessories to go with pretty much any colour scheme you may have in mind, and I am always willing to work with your own props and decor as well. I have had people bring balloons, chalkboards, custom banners, tutus, you name it. You can contact me any time to discuss what I have on hand.

4. Book in advance
Book your session early so that you get the date you want. Some parent want their cake smash pictures ready for their child’s actual birthday to print out and display, and in that case, the session should be done at least 2 weeks before the event (sometimes more depending on the season).

**If you have any other questions or wish to schedule a cake smash session with me, contact me at